F Residence

DateNov. 2021
Site Area-


This renovation plan involves a three-story residence located within a shopping district. Over the years, as the residence aged, the environment surrounding daily life has also dramatically changed. From a time when it was common to frequently invite people into one's home, the role of the house has become more personalized and diversified. This proposal is for a two-family home with a reorganized layout. The house originally had a large floor area connected by corridors and many rooms, making it difficult for natural light to penetrate. The first step in the renovation was to remove the internal partitions and combine the function of the corridors with the central living, dining, and kitchen area (LDK), thereby creating a simplified circulation plan that allows light and air to flow from east to west. Furthermore, by relocating the complex entrance to face the main street at the front, the plan not only facilitates an open circulation but also reinstates a space within the home for external communication, much like in the past.