Fontworks Inc. Tokyo Head Office

DateDec. 2019
Site Area---
Address東京都港区北青山3-4 日新青山ビル 5F


フォントワークスは、コミュニケーション事業の提供と事業拡大を目的に、本社機能を福岡県福岡市から東京都港区に移転しました。同社は25周年を迎えた2018年に、「もじと もっと じゆうに」というタグラインを策定し事業活動を展開。新しいオフィスでもそのテーマを具現化できるように、「アナログとデジタル」、「クリエイティブとエンジニアリングの融合」、「遊びながら仕事をする」、「従業員間のコラボレーション」を空間に実現しています。
オフィスでは、「Creative and Collaboration」といったキーワードに共通する最初の「C」型のデスクがあります。更に、福岡のCreative Labに常時接続されている大型ディスプレイが壁の中央に設置され、2つのサイト間をオンラインデジタルでつなぎ、アナログな直接的な交流が可能となります。また入口には階段状のベンチとディスプレイがあり、運用上のセキュリティを確保しながら、社外の人々と気軽にコミュニケーションできるスペースをつくりました。その他、自由な発想を促すカジュアルなインテリアや、シックでリラックスした会議に最適な部屋など、いくつかのテイストの違う会議室を設定し、マインドセットに従って場所を選択するように計画しています。
Fontworks Inc. moved its headquarters from Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, to Minato-ku, Tokyo, for the purpose of providing further communication business and expanding their business. Along with this, Fontworks worked on the design of a new office with PRISM DESIGN, an international design studio in Base Shanghai and Japan.
In 2018, when Fontworks celebrated its 25th anniversary, has formulated a tag line called “Character More Freely” with all its employees, and has been developing specific business activities over the past year. The fonts that Fontworks has consistently provided since its founding are also evolving at a tremendous speed in the environment in which they are used. From paper media to the on-screen era, there are also many such as AR / VR. It extends to dimensions. In addition to creating a typeface that is optimal for the environment in which characters are displayed, it is essential to develop technologies that take into account the environment of the customer being used. Even in the new office, Fontworks has set keywords such as “Fusion of analog and digital”, “fusion of creative and engineering”, “work while playing”, and “collaboration among employees” so that we can embody “Character More Freely” Made. The history cultivated in the past 25th anniversary, the future to be shaped in the next 25 years.
On the there is a “C-shaped desk” that is common to keywords such as “Creative and Collaboration” that are necessary for a new office environment.
In addition, a large display that is always connected to Creative Lab from Fukuoka is installed in the center of the wall to enable active communication between the two sites in online. At the entrance, there are stair-shaped bench and display, and a space for casual communication with visitors that can ensure operational security. There are several meeting rooms, including a casual interior that encourages free thinking and a room that is ideal for chic and relaxing meetings. Designed to select a location according to the mind set.
The characters have changed from handwritings to digital fonts with the times, but both co-exist without changing. Analog and digital, Traditional and new technologies…people change, but the essence does not change.
PRISM DESIGN considers the essence of mankind and expressed office space design from the font.